bandemoronz (bandemoronz) wrote,

Jeepers creepers. Where'd you get those freepers?

This unfortunate thing must be living in perpetual fear in case the person following him/her is a furry. But as for my advice? Get professional help, you loser.

And now a new segment, "Where the hell did he get that from", from henceforth shall be devoted to entries made by anti-furs who must have been burning the midnight oil for weeks, just so that they can drag up the most extreme exagerations of perverted filth from deepest dungeons of the internet such as will be described, for reasons only that only they will ever know. Now really, what kind of perverted mind spends so much time searching for this shit in the first place?

And the first is some sad case by the name of reekrend, who came up across this picture of Alf porn, of all things. If furries were ever a sad case, then just how pathetic is the freak who spent hours/days/weeks to drag this up?
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