bandemoronz (bandemoronz) wrote,

Tired of anti-furry morons adding you to their friends list without your permission? Sick of the lj Something Awful twats dragging your name through the mud?

The answer is simple! Add this list to your ban list (use the admin console to access), and let the fur fly!

ban_set _fap_
ban_set _glowfish_
ban_set _keytothegate
ban_set 1stbaptist
ban_set 1wells
ban_set accebear
ban_set accidental_muse
ban_set ahryz
ban_set alt_plus_f4g
ban_set alt2good
ban_set alvin_wabbit
ban_set amenonuhoko
ban_set andyxcore
ban_set anesthet1c
ban_set animeisforfags
ban_set apertura
ban_set archon_ramie
ban_set ashi_moto
ban_set auri_
ban_set aurusrage
ban_set badthingsman
ban_set bambooass
ban_set banyanbabe
ban_set bassoonist
ban_set bay_laurel
ban_set befriending
ban_set beherift
ban_set beliah
ban_set bightchee
ban_set billzodiac
ban_set biteycircusflea
ban_set bitterwords__
ban_set blinkythered
ban_set bloodangel
ban_set bluegypsy
ban_set booboobunnygirl
ban_set brend
ban_set brokenbubble
ban_set buddy_dharma
ban_set butterweasel
ban_set caligo_
ban_set camel_spider
ban_set capnstrawberry
ban_set charisma
ban_set cheezegirl
ban_set circuscat
ban_set clawxco
ban_set cloud9buster
ban_set conro
ban_set cookiecache
ban_set crookedsixpence
ban_set cruel_thoughts
ban_set crymorenoob
ban_set cuestasnada
ban_set cumstainedtwat
ban_set cutie_tails
ban_set d0rx0r
ban_set dead_celebrity
ban_set death_by_cancer
ban_set demagoguery
ban_set dgt
ban_set diffrentcolours
ban_set dirty_eskimo
ban_set dogthing46
ban_set dr_dos
ban_set drama_troll
ban_set eatthepudding
ban_set eggtray
ban_set ekian
ban_set elgorgo
ban_set eneyla
ban_set ergie
ban_set erice
ban_set erlkonigvinz
ban_set ermacowns
ban_set ev1lkitkat
ban_set evilrx722309
ban_set evolamy
ban_set eyes_of_kali
ban_set feofilakt
ban_set finestdrops
ban_set furctionary
ban_set gaijinyakuza
ban_set generic_troll
ban_set genghis_gerbil
ban_set giggerota
ban_set glasskalmia
ban_set godhatesfurries
ban_set grotesquery
ban_set growlstrike
ban_set hellpixie
ban_set herechic
ban_set hokkaido_crying
ban_set huskeepup
ban_set iatro
ban_set ibejetblack
ban_set icemilk
ban_set im_really_cool
ban_set imperialistic
ban_set imsuffering
ban_set infinite_chaos
ban_set insanekatchan
ban_set jameth
ban_set janusdoa
ban_set jimmyhardcore
ban_set jinx_mouse
ban_set johnnydeeper
ban_set justme_2396
ban_set kadius
ban_set keiyuu
ban_set kekvitirae
ban_set kerplunko
ban_set khroan
ban_set killhamster
ban_set killographic
ban_set kitsune_kiyoshi
ban_set krcube
ban_set kylinrouge
ban_set ladylickwid
ban_set laff0
ban_set larzmachine
ban_set left_andleaving
ban_set leo_the_lyoness
ban_set likewo
ban_set lilenth
ban_set lizzielove
ban_set ljabuselovesme
ban_set lostinbanality
ban_set lovelikemadness
ban_set lssthnthrwffl
ban_set macoto
ban_set mafiosojoe
ban_set mandelicious
ban_set marmaladesky
ban_set marxist
ban_set mascara_fiend
ban_set matchingastank
ban_set merlyn_magick
ban_set metaphysic_fart
ban_set michaelmoorefan
ban_set mikeysthoughts
ban_set mog_kupo
ban_set monoliticbaby
ban_set mothflavour
ban_set mrmadcow
ban_set mspaintchuk
ban_set munkimunki
ban_set mwells
ban_set myerk
ban_set ne0rc
ban_set neccoloup
ban_set night_watch
ban_set nightskater
ban_set nimrodsson
ban_set nitrite
ban_set nodding_folk
ban_set nullcherri
ban_set omghi2furries
ban_set ourconspiracy
ban_set outlawfiend
ban_set painting_a_lie
ban_set pelomalo
ban_set peterb
ban_set platonic_ly
ban_set pouty_giles
ban_set pr0no
ban_set pr0x
ban_set prediction
ban_set preskoolcunt
ban_set psycho78m
ban_set psychodjinn
ban_set punk_deviler
ban_set rabid_rolemodel
ban_set railfoxen
ban_set rainingstukas
ban_set rattuskid
ban_set ravellwolf
ban_set ravingbubbles
ban_set rawiscorrri
ban_set rayrobin
ban_set redneckpast
ban_set reekrend
ban_set rinji_no_miko
ban_set rooster_tree
ban_set ruxpin_exe
ban_set samari
ban_set sarala
ban_set satanicmechanic
ban_set scarlettx
ban_set schtiel
ban_set sd_nekojin
ban_set setzer024
ban_set sharpeningteeth
ban_set silver_rook
ban_set silverhusky
ban_set simbachu
ban_set sinistermotives
ban_set sioban
ban_set sixtyeightlife
ban_set skwrking
ban_set smumma6125
ban_set snoogley
ban_set sodom_hussein
ban_set soror
ban_set squishkitty
ban_set steinhustler
ban_set stoneth
ban_set strawberryhoshi
ban_set sunshinegod
ban_set taki_no_tenshi
ban_set talisantia
ban_set tasselhoff_fox
ban_set tengushoes
ban_set terr0randhubris
ban_set the_chill
ban_set the_situation
ban_set thedra
ban_set thekittenofdoom
ban_set themaltesebippy
ban_set themoonfell
ban_set thenewmeat
ban_set thrdtimesacharm
ban_set tigerkakke
ban_set tigermaggot
ban_set timbeh
ban_set tinpot_messiah
ban_set tobert16
ban_set tonygunkillya
ban_set toru_okada
ban_set uber_mensch
ban_set user_info
ban_set vertiga
ban_set voysu
ban_set watchingafar
ban_set whereweare
ban_set wickedspider
ban_set wolfmemnoch
ban_set wrathmania
ban_set wunderfrettchen
ban_set xaoswolf
ban_set xellchiri
ban_set xeverytimeidie
ban_set xile999
ban_set xxinsecurityxx
ban_set xxsunrayxx
ban_set yenbuddhist
ban_set yigsnake
ban_set youwillnotwin
ban_set zarris
ban_set zephyre_syx

Anyfur on this list who is not one of the anti-furry idiots, tough luck. Your lj name was found on a furry bashing list and so is fair game. Sorry, but you only have yourself to blame.

Let the hilarity begin!
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